Monday, June 10, 2013

Cover for Sweet Corn, Fields, Forever

About the book:

“Sometimes a new beginning is someone else's end,
a circular relationship where time begins to blend,
You have to ask the question: where have we come, and how?
'Cause the end's in the beginning,
And the beginning's in us now”

-- from “The End’s in the Beginning” by Tyler McCloud

Jason Fields is opening his new research and design facility with a grand Open House. Before the event begins, he gives Dr. Mackenzie Wilder a personal tour -- which puts an early end to the festivities. They discover the body of country musician Tyler McCloud, strangled in a first floor conference room.

They're sure they didn't have anything to do with his death, but Jason's past involvement with country music and this particular family lead authorities to think otherwise. It takes Mackenzie Wilder's faith in her friend and the staunch support of Tyler's sister Tory to uncover "what Tyler did to get hisself killed." From upstate New York to Charlotte, North Carolina, from Las Vegas to Nashville, the deaths and confusion mount.

Could Tory be at the center of it all? This may be one song she can't sing or write her way out of. It will take their combined resources to stop the killing, at a cost far higher than the diamonds on a country singer's costume.

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