Thursday, March 13, 2008

Great Gatsby!

As a final project to reading the Great Gatsby, Kacey and Kelsey's class held a 1920's Gala or Speakeasy. Dave took pictures for the group. Here's a few.

Youse can come in.

Nobody touch nothin' 'til da cops get here!

Looks like da usual suspects. Maybe we better close dis joint down!

2 molls!

( Say, which is which?)

da dame in black

dese images was all courtesy of dkminnick, a regular joe.


Spring is Springing, and so are Traps

IT’S SPRING and the ducks are nesting, the owls are hooting, the frogs are leaping, the lizards are scurrying, the turtles are swimming--- but I haven’t seen the heron lately.

Anyway, spring has come to Blackwater, bringing beauty and trials and tribulations, and it’s really hard to appreciate the first fully when the latter keeps interrupting. On the other hand, it’s hard to find the solutions for the latter when the former keeps distracting. Oh well.

We brought the last truckload from Nashville to Fayetteville last month. Unfortunately, the people who were interested in the house no longer are. Not their fault; their own plans sort of fell through. Anyway, now we must go back not only to clean, but to finish fixing up the house.

We have rather a long list of things to do, but we try to draw comfort from the fact that this means we’ll get more money out of it as well. But, the work is daunting, if only because first we have to get there.

It’s still weird, living with one foot back in Nashville. I had figured that by now we ‘d be settled in and savoring the new experiences and new friends. Instead, we are in a jumble of trying to keep up with all the things going on around us, moving forward yet harkening back to what is still behind. We call old friends; we make trips back. We – or rather the kids – get involved in activities here, inevitably to compare them to old events. Sometimes the comparison is favorable, sometimes not.

Funny how, no matter how many different places you live, you forget that people live a little differently elsewhere. Those differences loom large when you are afraid, afraid the way you are when you are pushed into doing something new. That fear can be a trap that prevents you from growing in your life.

An old maxim urges, “bloom where you are planted”.

Blackwater is so nurturing to the plants and wildlife around here; will it be so for our family too?