Sunday, January 13, 2008


Yes, whew!

that quaking picture of the penguin 'singing' on our balcony just about describes things! -->

Christmas is done; Michael has just been taken to the airport by his dad. Katelyn returned to Webster last week. I finally have to take down our decorations.

And next weekend, next weekend we make what should be the last truck-move from Nashville. We will also meet with a potential buyer for the property. I hope they like it, partly because then it would be sold, but also because it seems like a good 'fit' -- they know our neighbors already.

So, our move is nearly complete, and everyone has -- hopefully -- learned that life did not end after Nashville. We're all making plans, and I think that helps. Mack will go on to high school -- we hope he'll be in the same IB program as the older girls. They will be college hunting. Michael is making big plans for the summer. Katelyn will be graduating college and continuing working on the video from this summer. And Meaghan and Jared will soon be celebrating their first anniversary. And I will be working on Blackwater and on my writing projects.

Returning to my work is exciting. I find one story is playing harder in my mind, asking to be finished. I don't know if I could say the characters are clamoring, but the story itself wants out. I have to plan my time, though. Besides the family needing me, the house will need both routine upkeep and our new building projects. And, we have company coming in the spring.

We actually had extra people here for a whole month. It's been fun, too. Something that hasn't happened in my life since before I was a teenager. It stirs things up, makes things happen.

So we'll get things in order, then comes the final push to .... move on. Next blog... the FINAL push.