Tuesday, April 28, 2009


At last.

The twins are set for college – at least as much as they can be with finals yet to go. But choices and deposits are made, and they’ve begun filling out housing forms and class registrations online. They’ve picked out roommates – we think, -- and generally are beginning the transitions to college student.

Flora and fauna – which I’ve lauded ad nauseum before, is coming out in abundance. The flowers we’ve moved around and the new ones we’ve transplanted are taking nicely. Currently we have rhododendrons, dogwoods, roses, irises, vinca, amaryllis, and sage in bloom. Not to mention violets, Stars of Bethlehem, and various wild things we don’t know the names of. Turtles from the sizes of quarters to moneybags have been seen – particularly along the fallen trees that bridge the creek.

We have almost converted the island back into an island. Once we construct the bridge, we will break through the final wall and let the water flow. I really can’t wait to get it done. The water lilies are sending up leaves. They’ve actually spread out to two locations now. Fish are poking around the lagoon looking for nesting places. And speaking of nesting places, cardinals have nested and hatched offspring in the camellia (also in bloom) by the front door..

And we are trying to bring the house into shape for things like graduation parties, summer events, and well, just living.

We’ve added to the attic floor, and cleared out some of the many belongings to the attic. Though I still want to replace the attic ductwork. It is old and inefficient and takes up way too much space. However, we have so many plans, its hard to hold back and only undertake what we can afford to do, and what we can finish. I sometimes feel like I have 3 jobs , maybe even 4 although that’s typical for a mom. Working on the inside of the house, working on the grounds, writing, my part-time job as a Parish Assistant, and doing all the regular wife and mom things! Dave too is working at work and taking charge of the grounds as well as assisting me on the house. The kids contribute to all the various chores while trying to maintain good grades – so, we’re all busy.

It’s hard to describe the change in us that has finally transpired. Completing the sale of the Nashville house and working on taking care of long-standing obligations, we feel a little more free, a little more like we’re returning to the way we want to live. At a time when the rest of the world is trying to adjust to dealing with financial woes, we are coming out of our particular tunnel. We want very much to remember the lessons we’ve learned in all this. We want to pay up and pay back to those who have helped us out. We want to plan better for the future.

But, the biggest lesson, we want to live life fully. If we have learned anything in all of this, it is that you have to keep living. You have to get everything you can out of every moment. It might be a moment of peace, where what you get is serenity and reflection. It might be a moment of adventure, doing something you’ve never done before. It might be a moment of companionship where you bond with family and spouse. Even when things are bad and you feel the least like gathering or laughing, that is when it is the most important to do just that.

Trouble will always be with us. In love and laughter we find the curative powers, the magic to give us strength to go on.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

When Weird Things Happen

I have found myself in a curious situation; one of those it-can-only-happen-now type things the Internet has created. I invite you to hop over to my blog at SunOasis.com and check out "When Is a Book Not a Book?" I hope some of you will comment on this quirky situation, and maybe help me in my dilemma.