Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Here I Go Again!

So, I'm submitting myself and my family to this nonsense yet again. It is almost NaNoWriMo time! That time of year when words become electrons and invade my computer by the thousands -- 50,000 at the least --as I race --along with scads and scads of others (no, I don't know the exact  numbers, you'll have to visit NaNoWriMo to find out) to complete a novel, or at least 50,000 words of one. I've had success for 2 years running, so far, and both novels turned out okay. I'm revising both of them with an eye toward publication.

Of course, that means weird(er) hours and more staring at my computer and strange mumblings coming from my mouth as I grouse about the nonexistence of ideas, the cold of the fan,  the discomfort of my chair, the cats, the dogs, and the idiot whose idea this was anyway. Yeah, that -- as my long-suffering husband gently reminds me -- would be me.

Me, just another NaNoWriMo participant once again. Let the madness begin!

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